Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

Far North Queensland Skies Cairns and Townsville Airport, Australia

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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Atherton Tablelands Cessna A188 AG Wagon Crop Dusting

The Atherton Tablelands is rated as one of the richest agricultural plains in Australia with its deep, fertile volcanic soils, warm year round temperatures, reliable rainfall and irrigation schemes have combined to make agriculture this regions main economic activity.

Below are a series of pictures taken on the Atherton Tablelands with a Cessna AG Wagon spraying some of the local crops.

I.M.P. Group Ltd Global Express C-GCDS

C-GCDS GLEX Cairns-Denpasar, was Papeete-Cairns 7/8/2017

C-GCDS GLEX at Cairns.

C-GCDS GLEX at Cairns.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Alliance Airlines Fokker 70 PH-KBX delivery flight

SXI1722 (Southern Cross 1722) PH-KBX F70 Townsville-Brisbane, was Kupang-Townsville 6/8/2017

PH-KBX F70 at Townsville, Photo by Graham.

Omin Air Express B-777 and Western Global Airlines MD-11 Charters

CMB571 N542KD MD11 Townsville-Kadena AFB, was Fujairah-Townsville (WGN8571) 6/8/2017

OAE317 N828AX B772 Townsville- U-Tapao, was Honolulu-Townsville 4/8/2017 and Townsville- U-Tapao-Townsville 6/8/2017

N828AX B772 at Townsville, Photo by Graham.

N542KD MD11 at Townsville, Photo by Leroy.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

G.A. notes at Cairns from the weekend 5/6 August

Skytrans Dash 8 VH-QQA at Cairns.

Hevilift Bell 212  P2-HCI at Cairns.

Philippine Air Q400 RP-C3031 at Cairns. Arrived 4/6/2017
for maintenance. Departed 6/8/2017 to BIK.

P2-PNG B350 at Cairns.

VH-VPZ B1900 wearing Tamara Niger Aviation titles
at Cairns.

VH-NJC E55P at Cairns. Arriving 4/8/2017 PER-ISA-CNS

VH-NJC E55P departing Cairns 6/8/2017 to DRW and PER.

Helitours North Queensland AS-350 VH-WEB at Cairns.

LADS DH8B VH-LCL at Cairns.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Eclipse EA500 N465DG

N465DG EA50 Port Macquarie-divert Townsville-Cairns

N465DG EA50 at Cairns.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

FMG AIR Pty Ltd Global Express VH-FMG

VH-FMG GLEX Cairns-Brisbane, was Perth-Cairns 2/8/2017

VH-FMG GLEX at Cairns.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

D3T2 LLC Global Express N44GX

N44GX GLEX Honolulu-Cairns-Perth

N44GX GLEX at Cairns.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Gulfstream G550 VQ-BLA

VQ-BLA GLF5 Sydney-Cairns

VQ-BLA GLF5 at Cairns.

Monday, 31 July 2017

FNQ Yestayear Images - July 1996

         Yesteryear July 1996

catching up since April, Charrak’s Electra N360Q was still operating to HIR during the month.

Of note on the 11th was Dash 7 VH-UUM operated by Jetcraft.  It is temporarily based for FIFO work.

BN-2 B-12222 ex Formosa ALS ferried in from Taipei via the islands and was noted at GA on the 13th.

The short lived Port Douglas Air’s colourful EMB110 VH-BWC was noted on the 15th.

Pacific Air Freighters DC-4 Skymaster paid a visit on the 20th and is seen here on approach to RW33.

On the 22nd Ipec DC-9-33F was a welcome sight on a return to CNS

A RAAF B707 overnighted on the 26th and is seen here smoking out from RW15

Regional Air (PNG)’s early trim seen here on P2-KSR during the month

and Trans Pacific Air’s DO-228 VH-URU was noted flying to HID on the 24th

Thanks to the late GAFLIKS for providing this Yestayear report.

 © Copyright.

PNG Air ATR72-600 P2-ATE

P2-ATE AT76 Port Moresby-Cairns-Port Moresby

P2-ATE AT76 at Cairns.

P2-ATE AT76 at Cairns.

Tamara Niger Aviation Beech 1900 5U-TNE

Noted out of the paint shop in Cairns today a Beech 1900 5U-TNE displaying "Tamara Niger Aviation" titles.

5U-TNE B190 at Cairns.

US Navy C-2A Greyhounds 162175 and 162154

PSWD30 162154 C2A Townsville-Port Moresby, was Amberley-Townsville 30/7/2017
PSWD33 162175 C2A Townsville-Port Moresby, was Amberley-Townsville 30/7/2017

162154 C2A at Townsville, Photo by Leroy.

162175 C2A at Townsville, Photo by Leroy.

162154 C2A at Townsville, Photo by Graham.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Royal New Zealand Air Force Boeing 757-200 NZ7572

KIW496 NZ7572 B752 Cairns-Andersen AFB, was Whenuapai-Cairns 29/7/2017

NZ7572 B752 at Cairns.

NZ7572 B752 at Cairns.

Nauru Air Boeing 737-300 freighter VH-VLI

RON502 VH-VLI B733 Cairns-Port Moresby-Momote-Port Moresby-Brisbane, was Brisbane-Cairns 29/7/2017

VH-VLI B733 at Cairns.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Allpoints Jet Gulfstream G550 B-8269 departs

B8269 GLF5 Cairns-Melbourne

B8269 GLF5 at Cairns.

B8269 GLF5 at Cairns.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Newly registered Hevilift Twin Otter VH-YWJ

Noted today Hevilift Twin Otter wearing new registration VH-YWJ and new Hevilift scheme operating a test flight from Cairns-Innisfail-Cairns.

VH-YWJ DHC6 at Cairns.

VH-YWJ DHC6 at Cairns.

Gulfstream G550 B-8269

B8269 GLF5 Sydney-Cairns

B8269 G550 at Cairns.

USAF Gulfstream V C-37A 01-0028

SPAR35 01-0028 C37A Honolulu-Townsville-Alice Springs

01-0028 C37A at Townsville, Photo by Graham.

Monday, 24 July 2017

L-3 Communications Learjet N16FN

Learjet N16FN has been in Amberley for the last couple of weeks in support of the Talisman Sabre exercise.
The Learjet provides airborne electronic warfare and electronic countermeasures support for training of aircrews and shipboard personnel.

RTD16 N16FN LJ36 Amberley-Cairns-Andersen AFB, was PGUA-YBCS-YAMB 10/7/2017

"Riptide 16" N16FN LJ36 at Cairns.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Armee De L'air Francaise Casa CN-235M 065

CTM1162 065 CN35 Darwin-Cairns-Noumea, was Noumea-Cairns-Darwin 20/7/2017

065 CN35 at Cairns.